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Things to Have During Traveling

Things to Have During Traveling

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We, humans, have a great love for food and food is the first thing that comes to our mind when we are planning to travel to new and distant places. We just don’t want to explore new places but also explore the authentic food. A traveler is one who travels to remote places. Since age’s people have been traveling to different corners of the world, be it near or far. During this, a traveler is exposed to various harsh scenarios such as rainy or cold weather due to which the diets and health are always at risk due to which travels often face body aches, low energy, fever and many such ailments. As a vehicle needs their respective lubricants, same is the case with the human body. While traveling, we need a proper diet to keep moving as our body needs more energy while we are traveling to new places.

Things to be kept while traveling:

You should start your day with tea, and you can easily carry sachets of green tea, green coffee or any other teas; you must keep your breakfast light and try to fill your stomach with fruits. While you are out for longer periods, try to carry a bottle of lime water or coconut water with you so that you stay hydrated. For lunch, you can include rice and curd, and your dinner could be light you can eat soups and choose dense carbohydrate content food. There are a lot of food options for all the traveling lovers; you can have fruits, salads, sandwiches, boiled eggs, cereals with less milk. You can have idli sambar, sauté vegetables, bread toast, rice and curd, tandoori roti with less oil vegetable, grilled or tandoori chicken as per the availability.

Without prior consideration on the food recipe, people munch on various dishes, therefore, giving an invitation to ill health. To illustrate people prefer alcoholic drinks to healthy tea in cold weather. Also, while on long tours individuals eat junk food like chocolates and chips which they find easy to grab and eat. However, such foods are not preferable if one needs loads of energy. Furthermore, travelers do not eat salads daily to detox their bodies and keep on incorporating unhealthy food in their daily diet.

I would like to opine that as humans we cannot control our temptations to eat traditional food which is not bad either. However, one has to consider detoxing their body through healthy eating now and then. One must sincerely plan their diet before traveling to a new place, as, healthy eating keeps diseases at bay.

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