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Dietitian Shreya

Disease management programs that help guide the care of patients with chronic health problems appear to improve the quality of health care, but there is little evidence that such efforts actually save money. Commonly these diet also known as Therapeutic Diet.

therapeutic diets are based on normal adequate diets, modified as necessary. Therapeutic foods are usually made of a mixture of protein, carbohydrate, lipid and vitamins and minerals. Therapeutic foods are usually produced by grinding all ingredients together and mixing them. There are a variety of therapeutic diets that address patients with different needs. Here is an overview of the general therapeutic diets that exist today, and what kinds of problems these diets address

A therapeutic diet requires you to reduce or eliminate a certain type of food or nutrient, add a certain type of food or nutrient, change the consistency of your food or change your pattern of eating,

Therapeutic Diets includes the following diet packages:-

Blood pressure Diet     Diabetes Diets      IBS (Gestro Disorder) Diet

Anti Migraine Diet        Kidney Diseases Diet      Liver Diseases Diet

Menopause Diets       Thyroid Diets           Gluten Allergy Diets

Uric Acid Diets      High Cholesterol Diets       Senior Citizen diets

A therapeutic diet is a diet that is formulated usually by nutritionists, dieticians, and medical doctors to aid in the healing of the body from certain types of injuries and diseases. Therapeutic treatments involving food are also prescribed for medical conditions that affect the psychological state of the individual as well, such as weakness caused by anorexia, or a loss of appetite due to depression, loneliness, and other mental states that can discourage healthy eating


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Dietitian Shreya

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