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Sattu helps in reducing extra fat

Sattu helps in reducing extra fat

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Sattu used as sharbat regularly, cures constipation and other stomach disorders and keeps the mind cool10295706_290494811128672_3723882547518035158_n

.. Sattu helps in reducing extra fat from body and in this way, it is a boon for the patients having the problem of obesity.

Being rich in Soluble fiber it is a good way to reduce high cholesterol levels without medication.
Sattu contains calcium and iron content.
Sattu is an excellent food item for individuals that are STRICT vegetarians or for individuals that are sick and need protein and iron supplementation in their diet.
Sattu helps those who suffer from gas related problems.

It can be a good substitute to reduce the need of cooked food, thereby saving a lot of valuable time .
3 tablespoons of sattu are taken first thing in the morning, it cures phlegm and bile.

Dry sattu removes or diminishes white spots and when taken with olive oil increases weight, strengthens bones, freshens the complexion and increases sexual strength, Each 100 gms of Sattu contains protein-20.6%, fat-7.2%, crude fibre-1.35%, carbohydrates-65.2%, total ash-2.7%, moisture-2.95%, calorific value 406

Recipe : 4- 5 spoonful of sattu, in a glass of water in the morning and evening .
Butter milk can be used in place water.
Add roasted cumin seed to your taste.
A small piece of stevia o jaggery can be added to sattu drink instead of salt during summer season to get refreshed.
Regular consumption of sattu will provide good nutrition to the body, thereby helping to maintain a good health.

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  2. Bibhu

    Can we have Sattu mix with water (without sugar) in Dinner ?

    Please let me know.


    • admin

      hello dear. you can surely have that.

    • admin

      yes dear. you can surely have it.

  3. avik saha

    Can we live onlyvon sattu for 3 months provided I intake vitamin from fruit??

    • admin

      hello, there is no need to live only on sattu…. you just need proper diet plans as you can manage your weight and disorders by following metabolism based personalized diets…We provide diet plans as per your medical issues and your concern…
      please provide me your contact no. so that i can arrange a call from my team for your further assistance..

      • Sandip

        Is it free ?

        • admin

          diet plans have a cost, diet tips are free

  4. Taquee Alam

    hello dear,
    can we have sattu mix with onion, chili and Cucumber in breakfast?
    please let me know this is possible?

    • admin

      no, please dont mix it..

  5. Prapti Bhar

    Does regular consumption of sattu sharbat help to reduce weight? I am a woman in my early thirties and I weigh 67kg. My height is 5 feet. Please advise

    • admin

      hello, yes it helps, but it is best to take it in hot summers..
      for more information,please provide me your contact no. so that i can arrange a call from my team for your further assistance..

  6. ShikhA

    Chana sattu helps reduces weight or any other like Jau sattu??????

    • admin

      hello, jaun sattu helps in weight loss and chana sattu is also good for health..

  7. md sàlim

    I am a sugar patents.can I use sattu in dealt basis inmornig

    • admin

      hello, yes you can use jaun sattu but it is best use in summers….

  8. md sàlim

    I am a sugar patent .I eating sàttu deàly in their any problem?kindly say…

    • admin

      hello … yes you can take sattu….

  9. Sandy

    Sattu being high in carbs.. Can we drink it at night?? Before or after dinner??

    • admin

      hello, the good to time to drink it in midmorning or breakfast…

  10. Kushal Gupta

    Hey, it would be great if you can sort out some of my queries!
    Firstly, What kind of white spots are being talked about? It was written above that dry sattu removes white spots. I consume sattu mixed with water with some black salt and jeera. Does it solve the purpose?

    Secondly, I excercise in the morning, is having sattu best considered post exercise?

    Thank you 🙂

    • admin

      hello, yes it will help you to reduce extra fat and also white spots… you can take sattu after excercise….

  11. Cherry Jain

    3 teaspoon is how much sattu in grams

    • admin

      hello mam , it will around 20 grams…

  12. indrajeet kumar

    Please give me my diet plan I am 27 years old weight 96 height 168cm mobile no 7004563601 I want to reduce my belly fat

    • admin

      Hello dear, my team will contact you soon.

  13. sharmistha das

    Can i Drink sattu ghol with minimum level of sugar at morning time?

    • admin

      Hello dear, instead of sugar try having stevia.

  14. Pradeep


    is the carbohydrate content in sattu a compex or a simple carbohydrate?

    I want to start taking it in the morning everyday (instead of the oatmeal I am taking now), but just want to make sure that I am not taking something which takes long time to get absorbed in the system and release energy. Apologise if I have misunderstood the concept completely, That’s why am seeking help,

    • admin

      Hello dear, it is a simple one and you can have it.

  15. Shaina

    Hi m 23 nd weigh 89 kg wat can i do for reducing weight?

    • admin

      Hello dear, by proper healthy eating you reduce your weight. Kindly provide me your contact no. so that I can arrange a call from my team for your further assistance.

  16. poulami nanda

    i am 19 years old.. i have tummy ..i never tried sattu drink before ..will it really help to reduce my tummy fat?

    • admin

      Hello dear, will definitely help but there should be over all nutrient uptake in order to prevent imbalance of the body. Do provide me with your contact number for my team to have a word with you.

  17. tk

    how to make jau sattu?

    • admin

      Hello dear, there are different ways of making it. You can take a help of google and can choose one of it.

  18. Namita Singh

    I am 31 yrs old and I am a hypothyroid patient… I weigh 77 kgs.. I want to reduce my weight but it’s not reducing instead it’s increasing. Kindly help me out in managing my weight.

    • admin

      Hello dear, will surely help you and very soon my team will contact you.

  19. Aakanksha

    Can we give sattu to dylasis patients?

    • admin

      Hello dear, you need to ask for doctor.

  20. Maryam

    What are the charges for diet plan

    • admin

      It depends upon your concern regarding your health. Do update me with your contact number so that my team can contact you and discuss in detail. Or call on 7307303835.

  21. Reeata

    PL. Tell me what are the protein options for a vegetarian n diabetic person thanq

    • admin

      Hello dear, will update very soon.

  22. Deepak verma

    Can we take channa sattu empty stomac. Early morning…??? And how many times in a day we can take this .. means 2 or 3 or more times ??????

    • admin

      Hello dear, jaun sattu is more beneficial, but should not replace your meal.

  23. Deepak verma

    One more thing please share some recepie to make it more tastier and refreshing.. can we add shakkar to it instead of white sugar will it be less fatty…??

    • admin

      Hello dear, sure will update soon. Meanwhile, you can add stevia instead of white sugar.

  24. GD

    How can sattu help in obesity when it is so high in calories and also has fat content

    • admin

      This is not true, jaun sattu is gluten free

  25. Chandrika G.Bansode

    Is jau sattu same as jau ka atta?coz i hve that.can dat same atta b useful for weightloss?plz reply.

    • admin

      Hello dear, how are you? There is a slight difference between jaun sattu and jaun flour as jaun sattu is a flour consisting of a mixture of ground pulses and cereals where as jaun is a cereal that burns fat. This is very useful for weight loss.

  26. Jeet Roy

    hi, i drink satoo daily in the morning 4 tablespoons with curd….i am 84 kgs right now so i need to reduce my belly fat…help me

    • admin

      Hello dear, how are you? Very soon my team members will contact you please check your email id.

  27. Azeet gupta

    Dear sir
    Myself having 167 cm height and 86.8 kg weight is having concerned
    with belly fat. For last two month continuously I am taking 3 tablespoon of sattu with water & salt. Will it help. Please advice.


    • admin

      Hello dear, how are you? Thank you for sharing your contact number very soon my team will contact you.

  28. Suteshna

    Please give me my diet plan I am 42 years old woman .weight 75kg height 152 cm. mobile no 9830063986 .I want to reduce my belly fat and overall weight. Please help.Regards

    • admin

      Hello dear, thank you for sharing your contact number very soon my team members will help you with this.

  29. Samiksha

    I live in japan can I get diet plans if I make the payment from bank to your account ? I am suffering from pcod it’s difficult to loose weight and moreover now I have mirena iud inserted so it’s making me more fat I am
    Non vegeterian and I crave sugar a lot

    • admin

      Hello dear, how are you? Yes definitely dear i would love to help you in any manner and PCOD is easily curable so please share your number so that my team members can help you by providing with the healthy and proper diet plans that helps in boosting the metabolism as well.

  30. Rashmi Shah

    What is the price of the diet plan for one month


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