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Foods that will make the RAMAZAN days healthy

Foods that will make the RAMAZAN days healthy

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Finally, The month of Ramazan is knocking our doors! It is of cardinal prominence in Muslim culture, celebrated with great zeal in the community. A very prominent part of a million lives, when they spend a whole day on fasting and devoting themselves to the mighty allah.
Anyhow, be it Ramzan or Navratri, fasting for days isn’t a piece of cake, and starvation makes the body weak. As it is known, our body is a blessing of the almighty, his greatest creation enriched with tremendous potency. Hence, it becomes our responsibility to nurture it whilst paying our devotion to the lord.
There are certain body requirements in the month of fasting where the paramount revelation of the Quran to Muhammad is recalled. This cyclic observance is regarded as highly recognized among the Five Pillars of Islam. These days, are based on the visual sightings of the moon, compiled in the hadiths.

The mean practice which completes Ramadan is hunger strike from daybreak to sunset.

The pre-dawn cuisine before fasting is called the suhur, whereas the meal at the end that terminates that fast is called iftar.

We must know the best foods to eat, so as to prevent the body from getting weak of starvation.

Here, Dietitian Shreya brings you the list of foods to be consumed at SUHUR to help the body stay energized throughout the day:
• Chea seeds 2 tbsp soaked in 1 glass of water or gond katira, would grant you satiety
pramdan thirst.
• Coconut water
• Frooty Smoothies
• Fruity drinks
• Protein rich foods
• Beans
• Eggs
• Brown rice
• Whole wheat bread
• Yogurt
• Overnight oats

So, now Foods to be consumed at IFTAR to keep the body hydrated and well nourished:
• Lean meat
• Skinless chicken
• Legumes
• Low fat dairy products
• Dry fruits
• Prunes
• Raisins
• Lentils
• Oatmeal
• Tandoori or grilled chicken
• Green leafy vegetables
• Chickpeas
• Buttermilk
• Chicken breast

Certain foods rather not be taken, as they would lead to dehydration… Here’s the list:

• Fried food
• Sugary items
• Coffee
• Tea
• Aerated beverages
• Spicy foods
• White bread
• White flour
• Junk food
• Bakery products
• Chocolates
• Pastries
• Processed food

This month is much awaited amongst all, seeking for blessings from the lord. Thus, drenched in the serenity of the thoughts of allah, this festival becomes a very cardinal time in people’s life. However, God wouldn’t want his beloved worshipers, his children to get starved and weak. Hence, taking care of the self is a must! So, whilst following the rituals exempted from the deceptions of this world, being indulge into the maple syrup of EEMAN, let’s stay well and healthy as well for the lord cares the most.

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