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Diet tip to prevent hypertension on world’s hypertension day

Diet tip to prevent hypertension on world’s hypertension day

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On this world hypertension day, let’s kick out this disease with a mouthwatering smoothie.
Talking about hypertension …
Or high blood pressure as they commonly call it, a very common, and chronic disease…. Yet, people stay in denial that they might have been living with the same.
1 amongst 3 people in India, is suffering from this lifestyle disease. But, ask anyone, and not many people would confess or reveal the issues they are dealing with! Harsh… still true! A disease looks them in the eye and sluices their life with countless challenges to deal with. This is usually the result of a careless lifestyle, where people tend to ignore themselves for quite obvious things in life and end up turning unhealthy. However, with some simple steps, the patient can be healed, like we have proved in our previous results, a healthy lifestyle can cure even the most chronic diseases.
Some common symptoms of hypertension
dizziness, redness in the eyes, headache, muscle pain, nose bleeding, increased pulse rate, and facial flushing.
Some of the arbitrary signs include a dull headache and anxiety. Severeness of this disease may cause kidney damage, vision loss, memory loss, building up of fluid in lungs, erectile dysfunction.
People don’t you worry if you are having this problem,
here is the recipe for a luscious smoothie that will help you control high blood pressure:
Blend 1 cup of blueberries or strawberries , and 1 ripe banana, in 1 cup plain nonfat yogurt or curd..Adding kiwi to this is optional.
You can add stevia to taste, and a delish drink is ready to cure your hypertension.
Speaking of which, how can we forget to tell you
what-not-to-eat if
you are dealing with this ailment! Here we go…

Foods to avoid: Meals rich in sugar, red meat, pickles, food rich in sodium, preserved foods, whole milk, Chinese fast food, alcohol, and junk foods.

Food to take: yogurt, coconut water, banana, beetroot, food containing high protein, seafood, fish containing omega 3 fatty acid, and lean meat.

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