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Different Shades Of Eggs

Different Shades Of Eggs

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Eggs have been consumed by human beings for thousands of years. There are numerous female animals of distinctive species which lay eggs; however, the most consumed is the egg of the chicken. An egg is a great option for the diet because of different reasons such as health benefits, economical, easy and quick to cook and a great source of protein. On this World Egg Day , we are going to know about the different shades of Eggs.

Eggs are all-round food which can be cooked in numerous ways such as hard boiling, scrambling, frying, poaching, and baking. This makes the egg easily manageable to add into your regular diet. Here are different types of recipes which can be practiced to get a healthy meal. However, some of these are healthier in comparison with other egg dishes.

Poached Eggs: This method includes the boiling of egg but without making contact with the pan. You have to bring the water to the boil and add vinegar. Crack each egg into a small cup and then gently drop it into the pan. Turn off the heat and cover it for four minutes and let it cook. Take the eggs out of the pan, add pepper and enjoy your delicious yet simple trouble-free breakfast.
Poached eggs are doubtlessly the low-fat choice to enjoy eggs as it stops the egg yolks fat from oxidization before or during cooking. Moreover, this cooking procedure doesn’t need any cooking oil or butter. The calories present in one poached egg are 71 calories.

Scrambled Eggs: To make scrambled eggs, the required ingredients are chopped tomatoes, onion, beaten eggs, and pepper as per taste. Heat oil in a pan, sauté onions and then pour beaten eggs and stir it occasionally. When the egg appears cooked, add chopped tomatoes and pepper. To make your scrambled eggs more healthy and spicy try to add your favorite vegetables. There is 91 calories present in scrambled eggs.

Omelets: The required ingredients for making omelets are eggs, pepper, chopped onions, and tomatoes. Beat the eggs, mix the chopped onions, tomatoes and pour it into a pan. Allow the eggs to spread entirely across the pan. You can add spinach and sprinkle pepper on it. Rotate the omelets and use a spatula to cook the other side.
Making omelets is effortless and an excellent way to be creative with the eggs. You can also use finely chopped mushrooms. An omelet prepared with a single egg contains 94 calories.

Sunny Side Up: The yolk in sunny side up appears like a bright morning sun. To make sunny side up you have to crack the egg directly into the oiled pan. Without flipping it; continue to cook it until the edges become brown. The stiffness of the yolk depends upon how long you fry it. The albumen remains wholly or partially set which is also referred dipping or runny eggs.
It is one of the popular cooking methods; however preparing sunny side up can be difficult as there is a big chance for the yolk to run. Try to crack the eggs evenly and carefully in the skillet. There is 80 calories present in sunny side up eggs.

Hard Boil Egg: To prepare hard boil eggs, take a saucepan and fill it with water. Put eggs into the water and simmer over medium heat for 10 minutes. Remove the saucepan from the heat and pour out the hot water. Place the eggs into cold water and let it cool.
Hard-boiled eggs are used as a high-protein snack or for salad toppings. They can also be cooked into mouth-watering egg salads. There is 77 calories present in a hard boiled egg.

Soft Boiled Eggs: Soft boiled eggs need the same cooking process as the hard ones. The only difference is cutting the half of the cooking time. This results into cooked egg whites leaving the yolk running. Simmer the eggs into the water for 5 minutes and place them in cold water after taking it from the saucepan. There is 68 calories present in a soft boiled eggs.
You can even make it stand upright in little egg cups and scoop out the inside with the help of a spoon. You want to experience a yummy toast then try to sprinkle soft boiled eggs with salt, hot sauce, and pepper.

So here you have come across the distinctive ways to prepare eggs. However, the eggs are versatile, and they have different shades and flavors which can be experienced through different cooking methods. Moreover, you can even use it in different methods even after cooking such as in a burger, with toast or salads.

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