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Diets to relieve joint pain

Diets to relieve joint pain

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Walking without a stick but not straight, nothing showed in the X-rays, yet a pain prevails! A constant body ache that restrains almost every adventure, even the tiniest things you want to do in your daily routine. Hence, after all this a person decides to consult, a hundred free-advisors, prestigious doctors, whilst ending up getting a million pieces of advice, a list of restrictions, and a drawer full of medicines, but no relief that pertains.

Did you try changing your lifestyle? No? History is a perfect evidence that most of our ancestors despite all the physical activities and no luxurious amenities did not suffer from joint pain. Not that this phenomenon is a new add-on to our generation but, this was not as prominent as it is now.
More than 180 million people in India are suffering from the chronic disease, arthritis, says WHO. Over 20,000 children are, diagnosed with the same every year, says TOI (times of India).
Morning stiffness and swelling in joints, acute pain in back, hands, ankle, knee, neck, wrist, and muscles; are some of the various symptoms of this disease. Well, to live with such constant tormenting pains is not easy, my friend!
As you know, we provide highly personalized diets totally depending on the unique metabolism of a body that brings most efficient and fast results. Here, we are telling simple diets that can relieve joint pain on a generalized perspective, feel free to contact us to know more.
Unrolling the curtain… here is the list of foods:

1. Ginger turmeric tea:

Turmeric is an inflammation fighter, and hence, it can be helpful in relieving the joint pain. However, it is not suggested for the patients who take the blood thinner. In this drink, you are getting a hefty dose of anti-inflammatory foods.

(Click here for recipe)
2. Cherry Charm:

Enriched with anti-inflammatory properties contained in anthocyanin, taking cherry juice twice a day will be an effective remedy for joint pain. The results usually show within 10 days of adoption.

3. Kiwi Kale finesse:

Rich in vitamin C, kiwi prevents pain while kale has omega 3, antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamin A, C, and E. Hence, with this, your joints would be getting the strengthening nutrition to get rid of the suffering.

4. Papaya pleasure:

Either in the smoothie form or take it raw, but if your body is in pain, papaya is what you should look for. The only fruit that contains papain, which is also used in injections given to the people suffering from back pain. Therefore, here is our tiny tip for you to feel relaxed.

5. Sprout Smash:

Sprouts have great nutritional value, and the food becomes very tasty with the addition of some spices to it. Sunshine and sprouts are a perfect combination to greet your body with in the morning.
In all the above foods, if you are choosing to make a juice, or a smoothie, or in any form, replace sugar or honey with stevia. The suggested ingredient is a plant-extracted sweetener, which has zero calories.

Now, what is next are the foods you must not be eating if suffering from joint pain: fried and processed foods, sugars, refined carbs, salt, corn oil, and preservatives. Intake of dairy products must be in limit.
Dietitian Shreya’s Family Diet Clinic . We expertise in disease management like diabetes, thyroid, pcod,high uric acid,arthritis,celiac disease etc. Our USP is the maintainance diet so that your weight does not bounce back.

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