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Eggs- the most common food found in every kitchen is each mom’s favourite breakfast option to be served in her kid’s tiffin as it tastes delicious and is easy to cook. But this little food has always remained under the debate regarding its health benefits. People have misconceptions that it aids weight gain and the people with heart diseases should not consume Eggs as they are high in fats and cholesterol. Being a medical nutritionist, I will tell you that why your omelettes, scrambled eggs and boiled eggs are actually beneficial to your health.
1)Eggs are great food for weight loss: we all have heard that eating egg will help in gaining weight as egg is high in protein and releases fat. But the fact is egg aids weight loss as the combination of 6gms protein and 5gms fat among the 70 calories of an egg releases satiety hormones which keeps you full so it must be included in your diet if you are on a weight loss program.
2)Eggs improve the health of your Eyes: intake of egg on periodic basis can help you to prevent Cataract disease. Egg yolk can reduce the thinning of macula that is responsible for the quality of your vision. Eggs produce two nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin that are antioxidants and help in maintaining eye health.
3)Eggs are heart healthy: eggs are considered to be high in cholesterol so many people avoid it to keep the heart healthy but the fact says that dietary cholesterol doesn’t raise as much cholesterol levels as you might think. An International study has proved that eating three eggs per day as a low carbohydrate regime improved HDL- the good cholesterol without having any ill effects.
4)Maintains liver function and brain health– eggs are choline-rich food and are really beneficial for healthy liver as our body depends on food for the appropriate level of the said nutrient. If the levels are not fulfilled, than one might suffer from fatty liver disease or even cancer.
Presence of choline in Eggs makes them helpful in treating some neurological diseases like depression and improving memory function.
5)Eggs keep our skin and hair healthy- Eggs contain five out of eight best nutrients that keep us safe from UV Rays and act as a weapon to fight against skin cancer.
Eggs contain biotin which is really important for keeping the hair healthier. Instead of consuming biotin capsules, one should start consuming eggs.

6)Prevents many diseases-
•Eggs contain omega 3 fatty acids which are helpful in preventing chronic diseases like cancer, heart diseases and arthritis.
•Egg white reduces the risk of type II diabetes.
•Egg yolk lowers the risk of Migraines and reduces the blood pressure.
Some highlighting facts are:
An Egg contains all 9 essential amino acids which makes it a complete protein diet.
The egg white provides protein and is known for being cholesterol free.
While yolk has more of the nutrients such as vitamin A, D, E & K and they add up good cholesterol (HDL) in the body.



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