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Dietitian Shreya
  • Nutritious Food In ₹5 & ₹12

    The actor-turned-politician shot back, saying that he knew of an eatery in Mumbai where one could get a meal for Rs 12. “The same should be true in Delhi and other places as well,” I am not sure that whether you get full meal in just 12 any where in India. But yes if your…

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  • Shocking Reality Of Mid-Day Meal Preparation

    Shocking Reality Of Mid-Day Meal Preparation The death of 22 children after consuming a mid-day meal in bihar has highlighted the danger faced by the children studying in government schools. The entire system of preparation of food is so unhygienic that its hazardous impact on the health of children cannot be denied. But i am…

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  • Do you know anyone who is suffering from kidney stones?

    Carrot juice is one good choice for patients with Kidney Stones,It is harmless to the kidneys and it also has many health benefits for many health issues such as kidney disease, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, high blood glucose,uric acid etc. Besides, carrot juices have the following health benefits. If high creatinine is caused…

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  • Diet Myth: Don’t Eat After 7 p.m

    Late-night eating is often associated with weight gain. Some dieters set a time limit to stop eating after 7 p.m. because they fear getting fat from eating later at night. Your body is a machine that constantly burns calories. The idea you will gain weight or get fat eating after 7 p.m. is a myth,…

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  • An Expert Advice On Farhan Akhtar’s BMB, Athlete Body.

    What Farhan Akhtar  Ate He gave up rice, chapati and bread. Instead, He got my carbs from fruits and vegetables. To bulk up for Look 1 (soldier), he was having 3,500 calories a day and five litres of water. His  diet remained the same for Look 2 (runner), but the portions became smaller and he  was down…

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Dietitian Shreya

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.” & I am that artist “Dietitian Shreya” The Nutrition Expert.

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