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Animal milk alternatives for better benefits

Animal milk alternatives for better benefits

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On this occasion when the world felicitates milk day, Dietitian Shreya, brings you the reasons to avoid the same! Why, you ask? This has already been described in our video.

(Click here to watch the video: Reasons to avoid milk)

We know you must be wondering that, if not milk than what would fulfil the body’s requirements of calcium.

For the matter of fact, milk is not, the best source of calcium; however, the question still stands stout, if not milk than what should be taken?
Here is your answer.
Delineated as a prime source of calcium since generations now, animal milk has been an integral part of most people’s schedules! Unknowingly beside calcium, an intake of many other harmful substances takes place with this milk.
In an interview, Kangna Ranaut, the Queen of Bollywood says, “When I decided to become a vegetarian, I realized that consuming dairy products was not agreeing with me and was giving me acidity. Hence, I switched to being vegan, which has made a lot of difference in my life. I am very happy now.”
Dietitian Shreya, herself prefers to use soymilk in her tea, and for the matter of fact so does, the far-famed Bollywood superstar Mr. Perfectionist ‘, Amir Khan’.
Now breaking the ice, we would be sharing the different foods that would provide your body with all the essential nutrients more efficiently.
Here are some of the animal milk alternatives that would be much more benefiting than the former was:
1. Almond Milk and Soy Milk: Highly rich in Calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, proteins, and many other nutrients with much lesser calories than animal milk. For thyroid patients, we usually do not recommend soy milk.
2. Dark leafy Green Vegies: Broccoli and baby spinach come in this category. However, belonging to the goitrogenic and cruciferous families, broccoli should be avoided by thyroid patients.
3. Tofu: Containing all essential amino acids, and being very rich in calcium and proteins, tofu is a great alternative for animal milk.
4. Yogurt: Vitamin B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Vitamin B2 are present in abundance in Yogurt.
5. Kale: Being very low in calories, and fat, Kale can be a perfect food to eat in a day to replace cow/buffalo milk. It is very rich in fiber content as well.
6. Cheese: The luscious cheese, which is loved by many, contains rich amount of calcium, vitamin A, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamin B12, and proteins.
7. Seeds: Intake of chia seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, celery seed does not only balances blood sugar, but also provides essential nutrients, vitamins, and not to forget they are highly rich in proteins. Seeds can be undoubtedly called one of the favorite food of liver as they are naturally alkalizing.
“I stopped eating meat four or five years ago. What has happened now is that I’ve stopped consuming milk and milk products.” Says, Sonal Kapoor the gorgeous Disney princess
Another nutritional fact, the paradigms of physique John Abraham, Shahid Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, and many other Bollywood stars have switched to being vegans for a healthier lifestyle.


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