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Alzheimer – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Alzheimer – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

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Alzheimer disease is a developing disease which can impair your mental functions and destroys memory. In the initial stage, the person suffering from the Alzheimer disease might observe difficulty in remembering and mild confusion. However, this can even lead to forgetting a significant person and dramatic personality changes.

Brain cell death causes Alzheimer, and it is a neurodegenerative disease. In this disease, a regular death of brain cells takes place over the course of time. The patient’s body tries to stop the cell deterioration process by producing amyloid, a protein. The amyloid deposits build up in the brain which causes further deterioration. The amyloid deposits are also known as plaques. It makes the brain cells to shrivel up and form tangles. The formation of tangles stops the production of important brain chemicals.

However, there is no known root cause for Alzheimer disease; numerous researchers indicate that there are few factors which help to develop the condition. Genetic factors, Environmental factors and lifestyle factors such as poor-quality sleep, lack of nutritious diets and lack of exercise.
There are few more factors which lead to cause Alzheimer, some of them are:
• Increasing Age
• Past Head Injury
• Down syndrome
• Smoking
• Family history of Alzheimer disease
• High Blood Pressure
• High Cholesterol
• Obesity
• Insulin Resistance

Signs and Symptoms:
The degenerative changes that take place with the patients suffering from Alzheimer disease are loss of memory, control thought and language leading to gradual symptoms and signs related to mental function and behavior.

Here is a list of symptoms that are experienced during the early stage of Alzheimer disease.
• Mild forgetfulness
• Mood changes, including anxiety and irritability
• Difficulty in learning new things and processing information
• Loss of initiative and spontaneity
• Confusion about place and time
• Communication difficulties
• Decline in the performance of regular tasks

As the Alzheimer disease advances these symptoms might develop:
• Increase in memory loss and confusion
• Difficulty in recognizing friends and family
• Shorter attention span and feeling of restlessness
• Difficulty in reading
• Loss of appetite
• Personality changes
• Need assistance with daily task

The changes because of Alzheimer disease increases the difficulty for family and friends as the patient’s condition deteriorates. The person loses numerous of abilities as the disease progresses, such as senses to respond to emotions and hearing.

One can’t diagnose Alzheimer disease from a single test. It needs a full assessment of psychiatric and medical history to rule out other causes. There is numerous of tests which are required to get a conclusive diagnosis which includes-
• Blood and urine tests
• Brain Scans
• A neurological and physical examination
• Mental status assessment to figure out the level of mental deterioration

Scans to check brain function and structure might be recommended. The distinctive scans include CT scanning, MRI, and PET.

Patients with Alzheimer might lose interest in preparing meals, forget to eat or not eat a healthy combination of diets. They might also forget to drink the required amount of water, causing constipation and dehydration.

Here is a list of things which should be included in the diet of patients suffering from Alzheimer.
• Healthy shakes and smoothies: One should provide a patient suffering from Alzheimer with a good amount of healthy shakes and smoothies.

• Water, Juice and healthy beverages: Make sure that the person with Alzheimer consumes a minimum amount of water. Avoid beverages with caffeine as it causes restlessness, trigger a frequent need to urinate and interfere with sleep.

• Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Omega-3 fatty acid helps to rule out cognitive decline.

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