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Dietitian Shreya

Shreya Goel is young, enthusiastic and eminent and full time-dietitian running a chain of family diet clinics under the name of Dietitian Shreya Family Diet Clinic we have 8 branches including delhi, chandigarh, amritsar, jalandhar, ambala, patiala, panchkula, ludhaina. With the experience of more than 10 years, she has treated more than 50 thousand patients of every demographics till now. She is host of popular diet show, Eat right Diet and author of periodical newsletter- Eat Right Diet.

Academic Background

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Physiotherapy and Nutrition
  • Former Intern at PGIMER Chandigarh

Clinical Practice

Dt. Shreya along with her dedicated team which keeps on working and frames best diet plans every day. Apart from the weight loss programs, Dt. Shreya also provides medical diets for the treatment for chronic diseases including obesity, hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disorders, poly cystic ovarian syndromes with the program called D-treatment program which consists of treating diseases with diet. The clinic also diet programs for expecting mother and children.

DT Shreya clinic holds 100% record in curing diabetes with diet plans. Each client is provided customized diets medical supervision for best results. Dt. Shreya basically provides a balanced which is effortless, free from fasting and covers all the important nutrients. This practice has minimal chances of relapse. Apart from this she also provides online consultation and follow ups.

As a social responsibilities she gives free diet counselling on her diet show –Eat right Diet which is freely accessible on YouTube moverover Periodical health camps at banks, public and private organizations, schools and public welfare clubs & Free diet tips on facebook and Whatsapp also she is airing diet tips on local radio channels and overseas T V channels.

Achievements and Titles:

  • “Best Voted Dietitian North” Medico pride award conducted by “Indian Association of Entrepreneurs and Service Providers” and “God-win Research” jointly.

  • Winner of “Ek Asha” award conducted by Aashray (N.G.O.) for her services in providing dietary guidance to our loved ones at city beautiful about Weight loss, Diabetes due to overweight, pregnancy malnutrition, and many others.

  • Shreya Goel has won “Czar of North India” Title in 2015, presented by Deputy CM of Punjab , Mr. Sukhbir Badal, which was awarded to the top 20 personalities who did extraordinary efforts for the betterment of society in respective fields.

  • Running a charity by the name “Feed Us” which focuses on bringing food and nourishment to children below poverty in the Tri-city.

  • Former-Dietitian in Mid-Day Meal Scheme which is practiced in all the Primary schools of Tricity.

  • Shreya Goel got Award for ENTHUSIASTIC AND EMINENT DIETITIAN from CHANDIGARH TOURISM CLUB, Presented by Chandigarh’s Mayor Smt. Asha Kumari on International Women’s day

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  1. Niru

    Excellent articles by Dr Shreya. I am myself a self-taught dietician and a nutrition junkie. I would love to up my knowledge on everything healthy. Please keep me updated with the new stuff.


    • admin

      Thanks a lot for the kind words. Keep reading the articles and Eat Right Diet.

  2. Anjana shoor

    Seems good

  3. bipan bk

    good keep the great work going.

  4. reshma vishwanath

    super mam I love ur how much active and plzzz make plan to visit Karnataka here also u do one branch mam

    • admin

      thanks a lot dear. I will definitely plan.

    • admin

      hello, thanks for invitation… we will try it soon…

  5. surbhi atul kumar

    M sooo happy with my transformation.. I lost 10kgs in 3 months..everybody is praising me.. feeling sooo gud.. n its all bcoz of u shreya mam.. thank u sooo much

    • admin

      thanku so much for appreciation

  6. Pankhuri

    Fantastic work ! The consultants are very generous . The diets are as per what you wish to eat and most importantly you can eat everything from rajma chawal to pasta , and still progressing towards shedding weight . It a wonderful experience in eating health with team Shreya .

    • admin

      Thank yo so much for your generous words. keep eating right diet and focus on #healthyHainHum.

    • admin

      thanku so much for appreciation…

  7. Shallu

    Hi Shreya

    This is Shallu. I got your contact info from my friend. I want to consult you but right now I am not in Chandigarh. Do you give treatment online also ?


    • admin

      Hello dear, you can manage your weight and disorders by following metabolism based personalized diets…We provide diet plans as per your medical issues and your concern…
      please provide me your contact no. so that i can arrange a call from my team for your further assistance..

  8. DR RUHI name is ruhi and i am 35yrs.i am a doctor by profession.i am having two kids( 3 yrs and 9 yrs).i am having celiac and pcod.both are diagnosed around two years weight is 102kg.can u plz guide what i can do to reduce my weight.i am in Riyad right watsapp number in 09996264155.

    • admin

      Hello dear, you can manage your weight and disorders by following metabolism based personalized diets…We provide diet plans as per your medical issues and your concern..
      thanks for providing me your no. my team will contact you soon…

  9. siddharth gupta

    A very helpful and a creative dr.
    she giudes the paitent as a friend.

  10. siddharth gupta

    A Very Helpful and a creative dr.
    And treats the paitent as a friend

  11. Dhruv

    Excellent article and helpful as well

  12. Dhruv

    Excellent article and helpful as well.I will try to follow up sometime

  13. Radhe Bamang

    If I get change to work in your organization. Really I will happy to work

  14. anuradha sharma

    Im just started my weight loss from today May 3, 3017, at panchkula branch, n i hope for the best results, regards

    • admin

      Definitely you will get the results. Be positive and keep your spirit high.

  15. Taranjot

    Hi dear Shreya
    I held this belief I don’t want anyone to tell me what to eat being a typical independent personality. I tried your diet and followed a holistic attitude towards my body. I always had food for my soul in form of meditation and good literature this time I fed temple of my soul i. e. My body I started treating it with respect I fed it with nourishing food instead of tea and biscuits
    I was so happy eating good things I gave love to my food and my energy level went up within 2 days
    My cravings diminished drastically
    I am glowing with happiness
    My body fat % went down by 8 percent
    My muscles mass improved by 8 percent my hydration improved of course weight and inch loss came in as a bonus
    I am changed for life as far food is concerned.
    I was apprehensive in beginning but now I tender a sincere thxs for being an instrumental part in my weight loss journey

    • admin

      Thank you very much 🙂 I am honored

  16. Taranjot

    Forgot to add all this happened within a month
    6 kgs and 19 inches are gone for good ☺



    • admin

      I hope my team coordinated with you?

  18. Nithya

    how much is the fees for the diet plan

    • admin

      Hello dear, how are you? Very soon my team members will contact you.


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Dietitian Shreya

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