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5 ways to maintain hygiene during menstruation

5 ways to maintain hygiene during menstruation

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On this Menstrual Hygiene Day – Global we share with you the importance of these days, ways to maintain menstrual hygiene, and diet tips that would help a lady get rid of the tormenting pain (click on this and see the video), which hits every month. Dietitian Shreya has always been illuminating people with the most that she can, and this, in all matters is one of the most crucial aspects of everyone’s life, as, no matter who it is, a lady is a strengthening pillar of the house.
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MUST READ to know all the simple ways for maintaining menstrual hygiene.
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Blessed with the ability to create, a woman is one of the most beautiful creations of the Lord. Ladies can not really retain their dignity intact until they are enlightened with the basic hygiene during the Menstrual cycle. In various communities, there is still a lack of information, and periods are looked upon with disgust. 70% of girls aren’t made aware of menstruation unless they get one. This is not just about creating awareness of a very basic phenomenon, but also, spreading a word about the hygiene that needs to be maintained.
In India, according to wash united UNESCO, 80% girls still use clothes and cotton as absorbents. This is a very significant reason for vaginal infections. What is all the secrecy about? Why can’t people accept that this is a natural phenomenon of life, and it doesn’t make a girl untouchable! This not only causes sheer sadness, self-doubt, and diffidence among women but also causes them to oppress the queries which need to be discussed. Henth, hereby let’s bring a little change in our lives, and make things a bit easier for the women in your life.
Here are 5 ways you can assure your menstrual hygiene:
1. Pros of using tampons in place of pads:
Though the use isn’t very common among Indians, tampons are very easy to carry and maintain throughout the day. They are very small to carry, and hence, can be disposed of easily. Tampons also prevent the wet effect there occurs with pads, so, while at work, school or college, tampons can be more benefiting and comfortable. Just that, you need to see how long the durability is, as they require to be changed timely. Try to not buy the ones who have a durability that is too long, as there is a slight possibility of staph infection.
Tampons greet the user, with freedom of walking without having to be in a discomfort of pads.
2. Use Indian toilet seat: The sitting posture over an Indian toilet seat is relaxing for the stomach and even helps in curing constipation. It also ensures prevention from infections like Urinary tract infection which is very common during the menstrual days.
3. Remove pubic hair: It is of high prominence to remove pubic hair during menstruation, so as to prevent any sort of infection. For obvious reasons, this is an unavoidable aspect. Some women tend to use razors while some go for hair removal creams. As the skin is very sensitive in that part, after shaving there can be itching. However, this is the most common method. Then comes, the use of hair removal cream, which can also cause certain allergies. Going for a bikini wax is somehow painful, and needs to be gotten by done by experts who do it on regular basis. This one way is useful if you want to avoid growth for a longer period of time.
4. Changing of pads or tampons: In tampons, because, it is very comfortable girls usually forget to change which results in getting their undergarment spotted with blood. Even in pads, this happens. A foul smell is also created which is followed by changes in the color of blood. Nowadays, we have the overnight pads that can be used. The pads should be changed at least twice a day, and tampons should be changed according to the time limit mentioned.
5. Use of intimate wash: Vaginal ph should be between 3.5-4.5 which need to be maintained and to do this, use of intimate washes becomes mandatory. During menstruation due to the high ph of blood (7.5). Though fluid secretion balances all, an intimate wash helps in maintaining a proper hygiene.
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