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Dietitian Shreya

28% tax on sugary drinks: A life savior GST decision

28% tax on sugary drinks: A life savior GST decision

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So, on Friday, Arun Jaitley, our Union Health Minister came up with a GST bill which imposes 28% tax on sugary drinks. Hence, making them more expensive! Trust me, this is life-saving for many!

Speaking of obesity here, 30% males and 37% females approximately are obese in Punjab region, which is leading in the number of people suffering from the disorder.

With the consumption of Coke, Pepsi, and other sugary drinks, on regular basis, people are unknowingly contracting obesity. Once you get such health issues that are followed by ignorant intake, we ensure you it becomes an experience of a lifetime. Sir, an experience which is not a good one! 

Consumption of sugary drinks also causes tooth decay, diabetes, and heart problems. Carbonated drinks have been a companion of people of all ages, irrespective of what they gift the consumer. However, they have been successfully harming their consumers since decades! It is a common fact that increase in prices lowers the takers!

The national health mission, by the government of India, is hence, been given a shape, after all the schemes that were launched. Hats off to the health ministry of India, for taking this step… We wish it could be banned from the nation like there in Cuba as no benefits are brought by these, but, only more troubles!   

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