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⁠⁠⁠Things to Know About Savan Somwar

⁠⁠⁠Things to Know About Savan Somwar

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⁠As the holiest Mondays have approached, Savan Somvar is not a mystery nowadays. According to the Hindu calendar, Shravan is recognized as the holiest month. As per the Hindu year, the fifth month is devoted to Lord Shiva. It has got the name from the Nakshatra Shravan (constellation), which becomes visible in the sky during this month. The month of monsoon, Saawan is the opportunity to experience natural beauty. It is the time of freshness, fun, and rain. It is a special month to seek the blessings of the supreme power. Here, you are going to know everything about the month of Savan.
The Savan month is speculated as highly auspicious because every single day holds a special significance. There are many auspicious occasions observed in the month of Savan such as Hariyali Teej, Raksha Bandhan, and Nag Panchami.
As we are discussing the Savan month and it’s chief deity Lord Shiva, we shouldn’t forget the Savan Somvars. Somvar or Monday being the particular day of Lord Shiva, the month of Savan increases the auspiciousness of Somvars to many folds. Worships and special fasts are performed to please Lord Shiva by the devotees.
According to Hindu scriptures, a Samudra Manthan took place between the gods and demons in the month of Savan. During the churning fourteen things came out. Halahala (poison) was one of the deadliest things to come out. To save the world from its bad effect, Lord Shiva swallowed the poison, as no one else could do that. By consuming the poison Lord Shiva become the savior of the universe. After this Lord Shiva was also worshiped as Neelkanth.
In this month Lord Shiva gets the responsibilities of Lord Vishnu because it is the time of his slumber. Hence everyone is suggested to avoid all the Tamasik things such as alcohol and meat consumption. However, there are some other reasons for not consuming meat during this month. This period is the breeding time for numerous animals and marine creatures. They have eggs and babies in their stomach. It is considered as a great sin to kill creatures who are hatching eggs or pregnant. However, as the Shravan month falls in monsoon season, there are great possibilities of waterborne diseases. Here is the list of things that you should avoid consuming in this Shravan month.
The primary purpose of Shravan fasting is to detoxify the body and learn self-control. The diet should be consumed which keeps us energetic and healthy throughout the day. While some people eat a single meal only while others avoid foods containing onion, garlic, and salt. Eating a meal after sunset is known as Nakhta Vratam whereas consuming a single meal is called Eka Bhukta Bhojan. Customs also recommend Penance of Silence or Maun Vrat during the month of Shravan.
Now Dietitian Shreya is going to suggest you the whole day diet plan which will help you to be energetic throughout the whole day.
Early Morning: Have lukewarm ginger tea or Lemon water. Watch the recipe at
Breakfast: Peach/apple smoothie or Anar raita
Add peach/apple in curd/water and blend it. Add Stevia into it as per your preference.
Coconut water or Lemon water with five soaked almonds.
Lunch: Makhane ki kheer
Paneer Salad or Oats in curd or oats roti with curd.
Evening: Ginger ilaichi tea/peppermint or chamomile tea
Half piece cocoa chocolate
Late evening: Green Coffee (lemon), and Apple
Dinner: Anar raita or Papaya Smoothie or grilled tomatoes
Post dinner:Chamomile tea
To avoid gastric problems, consume at least eight to ten glasses of water in a day.



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